El Capitan | Yosemite National Park, USA

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This granite monolith is about 3,000 feet from base to top. When you stand at the base of El Cap in Yosemite National Park, you feel the sheer mass of this rock. As you look up and see the clouds floating by seeming as if they are touching the top, you realize you have to lay down to look up. Your legs weaken as you realize how small you are like an ant next to a bolder. This is El Capitan.

- Sal

Death Valley, California

Sunrise - Death Valley, USA

First time i ever visited Death Valley was in 2013. I was blown away at how understated yet complicated the textures of the land are. From the soft warm dunes, to the miles of salty plains, I needed to hike the tallest dune before the sun rised. The air above has a chill but as i hiked up to the top of the dune barefooted, i could feel the cool soft top layer of sand hit your feet, I immediately felt the warmth of the sand underneath. At that point I realize why the is is one of the warmest regions in the world, as I stood there feeling the cool breeze of morning wind, I could feel the past days heat radiating from the ground below. As I continued up, I could see the sky shift in colors, colors that were so vivid they seemed neon like.

As I look around, I could see all the shadows of the untouched grainy dunes shift. Within a few seconds of the sun rising out from the mountain peaks, you feel and see the environment around you change. As the sun rises, my eyes were wide eyed as i observed all the shadows dramatically moving, the sky is quick changing colors, the heat from the sun warming your skin. What i experience was what Death Valley had to offered during sunrise. This is the Death Valley i will forever have a connection with.

- Sal