Death Valley, California by Salvador Villa

First time i ever visited Death Valley was in 2013. I was blown away as to how understated and the simplicity, yet complicated textures of the land are. From the soft warm dunes, to the miles of salty plains. A must is to hike the tallest dune before the sun rises. It’s cold above, but hiking up the soft dunes barefooted, you can feel the radiating warmth from the previous day warming you from your feet up. As you rush to the highest peak, you can see the sky shift in colors i never seen before, the air is crisp and smog free…. the colors seem vibrant with new shades of blue and pink i never seen before in the sky. As you look around you, you feel cool warm air and see all the shadows of the untouched grainy textures on the dunes shift. Within a few seconds, you feel and see the environment around you shift. As the sun rises, my eyes were wide eyed as i observed all the shadows dramatically moving, the sky is quick changing colors. What i experience was what Death Valley offered during Sunrise. This is the Death Valley i will forever have a connection with.