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Ever have time for yourself? Well i did. I rested and then had the sudden urge to photograph while idling my thoughts . I found myself extremely thankful for my partner, family, what i have and where i’m at in my life but, i just feel like there is a void, emptiness that lingers. I always have been a person of deep thought and over thinking, not sure if that has push me back or has helped me in decision making throughout adulthood. I find myself craving the experiences of other cultures and ways of life. This made me think that i possibly need change in mine… maybe i’m just playing it safe and being comfortable… after awhile, safe becomes boring and drab, comfortable becomes uncomfortable. This self portrait reflects all of the above as i took it that night while my mind was rolling. The portrait reflects my success as well as the emptiness i somewhat feel. This is who i am in this moment of time.

Salvador Villa