No matter how you pronounce or write it, it belongs to everyone and every language. Coffee is probably one of the most enjoyed beverages around the world. It
is gorgeous in smell and can be enjoyed in many ways weather in a cafe or at home with friends and family. There is nothing like it......


Koffie, Coffee, Cafe, Kopi, Kahvi, Kaffe


With countries like Brazil, Canada, the Scandinavian countries, Italy and the Netherlands leading the chart, we will visit the Netherlands to see how coffee is integrated in society. 


We’ll call it koffietijd (coffee time)

But first, a quick history how the Dutch played an important part in the trade of coffee worldwide. Coffee was grown quite well in a place called Yemen. When the growth and production spread to Kaffa the local governments tried to ban export to other regions. However, the Dutch bypassed these bans and began taking coffee plants to other parts of the world. One place in particular was of course bringing the plants to its colonies in what is today Indonesia. Who doesn’t know Sumatran or java coffees. Some of the best in the world! It is today a large part of their economy.

Now, let’s go back to koffietijd (coffee time)


Koffie is Dutch for coffee and tijd is Dutch for time. Dutch People invite friends or family over for koffietijd, which consists of coffee and cakes, cookies and or chocolates. It’s served between 10 and 11 AM, around 4PM and than again at 8 in the evening. The coffee is always of great quality and freshly brewed. The famous slogan when inviting your friend is: “de koffie staat klaar” (the coffee is ready!) It’s a time for the news of the day, jokes, or just a nice relaxing time with your friends.

Yes, coffee is meant to be enjoyed alone for a bit quiet time or with friends or family.
Coffee bring us together .
Coffee is an art.
Coffee has it all!!!